Applying Spin Science in Tennis

The combination of slice spin and top spin determines the tennis ball’s trajectory and bounce, varying these spins enhances unpredictability and increases your chances of success in tennis.

magnuseffectAs discussed in our previous article, spin is ruled by physical mathematical variables which the player can control. For example a player can add top spin on by brushing their racket up the back and over the top of the ball as it leaves the racket.

This is of special importance in the serve when a top spin serve is performed. The steeper angle makes the bounce “kick” higher and wilder making it more difficult to return the serve. The same applies to top spin on ground strokes.

Combining power and spin is a great weapon in today’s tennis.  Higher top spins makes the ball dive more dramatically, allowing more shots to land in the court. The combination of velocity and top spin results in higher and tougher to return balls.

Rafael Nadal is a master in adding spin to his powerful strokes averaging a top spin of 3200 RPM which is about 20 % higher than most ATP top ranked private viewer instagram players.  For instance, Roger Federer’s average top spin is 2700 RPM while players like Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras averaged around 1700 RPM.